47 Life Lessons

Daniela Amberg

  1. No-one is going to safe you.
  2. When we live from our soul qualities instead of from our scared little ego, life gets easier & more fulfilling.
  3. Life will always present us with people & situations that teach us where we are not free.
  4. Even in the absence of happiness, life is happening for us (for our growth & evolution).
  5. We always have freedom of choice as to how we respond to a situation. This is where our power lies. Let´s use it wisely.
  6. It´s harder to ignore or fight a lesson than to surrender and learn it.
  7. Sometimes it gets “worse” before it gets “better”.
  8. Everything in life is on loan. Nothing is ever mine. People and things are a gift from life for the time that I “have” them.
  9. Our intuition or inner wisdom always knows the way. The only thing we need to do is to create the conditions in our life to hear it – and then trust & follow it.
  10. People tend to treat us the way they treat themselves.
  11. We get what we tolerate.
  12. We are all in the process of being polished like stones turning into diamonds. We are a masterpiece and a student at the same time.
  13. It´s harder to supress a feeling than to feel it. A feeling only lasts a couple of seconds or minutes if we allow ourselves to feel it. Then the next feeling comes up. Then the next.
  14. Pain isn´t wrong or bad. It´s an indication that we are alive. It calls us to become conscious and re-evaluate & change the parts of our life that are causing us harm.
  15. In our thoughts and self-talk we need to cultivate an inner voice that is most of the time FOR us, FOR our dreams, FOR our goals, FOR our vision.
  16. We have no control over how other people perceive us, think, or feel about us. It´s a waste of time and energy trying to control anything outside ourselves.
  17. We all have one or more favourite ways of sabotaging ourselves with habits like procrastination, creating drama, no discipline, no time, self-doubt, negative thinking, future tripping, unhealthy eating, creating overwhelm, addictions to people or substances, going into victim mode, comparisonitis, looking for safety outside ourselves – you name it… The sooner we stop it, the sooner our lives change for the better.
  18. We are never too old and it´s never too late.
  19. The more I give to myself, the more I can give to others. We can serve more people if our well is overflowing. We can´t give what we don´t have.
  20. We can learn and change in a state of suffering or we can learn to listen to the subtle signals before the shit hits the fan. Our bodies and souls are so wise yet we try to figure things out in our heads.
  21. Problems are just challenges and opportunities for growth.
  22. I am who I am. The more I give myself credit for who I am and how far I´ve come (instead of focusing on how far I still need to go), the more I feel at ease with myself and in my life.
  23. I am the only thinker in my mind, and I choose to think only thoughts that I wish to experience.
  24. The past gets healed by being loving to ourselves in the present.
  25. Sometimes (or even often), we need to get out of our way and let things happen + unfold as they are meant to.
  26. The relationship I have with myself is the foundation for every other relationship in my life.
  27. Growth comes from having a heart to heart chat with our fear, taking it by the hand and doing what we are called to do regardless. It´s not possible to never feel fear. Let´s feel our fear and do the things we want to do anyway.
  28. We all need people in our life who inspire and empower us, who lift us higher and who call us on our bullshit.
  29. We can´t be committed to our healing & growth and our unhealthy patterns & bullshit at the same time – it´s either/or. The choice is ours in every moment.
  30. Every experience has it´s grace.
  31. A memory without emotion is wisdom.
  32. The only thing constant in life is our prana (breath). We need to get comfortable with change. We need to practice letting go.
  33. Everything starts with a decision and sometimes all we have is our decision to start with.
  34. Life fills the cup we carry. What cup are you carrying? Can your cup hold the things you most want in your life?
  35. We need to make space in our lives for new things to come in, for the unexpected to happen.
  36. Nothing good will ever come from being overpaced, overwhelmed and overcommitted.
  37. We need to cultivate patience and will power. If you really want something, you will get it.
  38. The only way we can make a difference in the world is by loving ourselves, raising our frequency and share that with other people the best we can. We can never change other people.
  39. Focus on your blessings not on your lack. What we focus on grows.
  40. We can only fully experience the beauty around us if we release the wounds and pain of the past.
  41. Good self-worth enables us to make healthy, empowered choices in every area of our life.
  42. Unrealistic expectations of people or circumstances create suffering.
  43. Sometimes the worst event in our life turns out to be the best one.
  44. Don´t expect to see change if you don´t make it.
  45. No one and nothing will ever get to determine our worth. It´s intrinsic.
  46. Be the love you wish to experience in this world. Then you´ll be able to share it, instead of trying to get it from outside.
  47. Hold the vision. Trust the process.