I am grateful for my struggle; it has helped me grow in leaps and bounds


To loose someone I love is one of the most painful – if not the most painful – feeling I have experienced in my life. And the only way that I know of that we can manage the loss of somebody is with a deep connection to ourselves where we bring that love, comfort, compassion and kindness into ourselves in combination with a supportive mindset, a strong spiritual connection and people who lift us higher and bring out the best in us.

Back in my twenties when I was devastated over the end of an epic love story that began in Italy, climaxed in Chile and ended in Germany, I suffered four long years over losing the man I had wanted to build a family with and spend the rest of my life. I wish somebody had given me a roadmap on how to recover from a break-up, heal my heart and self-worth.

We repeat what we don´t repair

I really believe that we repeat what we don´t repair and so I co-created a wonderfully painful learning and growth experience for myself and I truly learned first-hand what it means to hit rock bottom and to find yourself scattered into a thousand pieces. I have been there at the beginning of 2016 when I was in a dead end situation with a man I was deeply in love with. There was no healthy perspective. The only option was taking the emergency exit and in a quantum moment of strength I took it and never went back. It burnt like hell, I had countless “Elizabeth Gilbert moments” (sobbing my heart out on the floor) and I remember more than one car ride through torrential rain (rain always added to my desperation) where I was begging, “please God, give me Adrian” (name changed for privacy reasons). It didn´t happen and I got busy nursing my broken heart, deepening the connection I have with myself and surrendering to the belief that the Universe always moves us towards growth and obviously there was more growth potential in being without Adrian. I accepted the challenge as a part of my soul´s journey, made a commitment to truly show up for myself and to rise up no matter what. I was willing to do really anything needed to heal; there was nothing I wasn´t prepared to do.

My healing journey included

  • letting myself feel the whole rainbow of feelings and dealing with them in a creative way
  • looking at and healing some of my family-of-origin-wounds
  • getting to know myself better and honour my highly-sensitive personality trait
  • learning about my “love blueprint”
  • looking at past lives
  • upgrading the way I think and look at life
  • creating a very inspiring vision for myself and taking consistent action towards it
  • learning how to have deep self-compassion, a nurturing & empowering self-care practice and a strong self-love foundation
  • honouring and focussing on my strengths and gifts

I managed to stay open-hearted throughout the whole experience and I was able to put all the scattered pieces back together again and even better: I have built a new foundation that is stronger than ever before. I can most certainly say that my suffering happened for me, not to me. It required of me to make the conscious decision to turn one of the most painful experiences in my life, into something life changing.

By becoming a life coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy in addition to my background in bodywork and emotional release work, I have learned the skills to help other women (like you) to heal their heart and create a life they love. I know it can be done because I have done it. You can too! I´d really like to invite you to see your challenge as an opportunity to learn, grow and step up.

Are you ready to heal this beautiful heart of yours and create a life you love?

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  • And above all: love yourself like your life depends on it because it does!