Morning Me Time

Morning Me Time

The way that we begin a journey counts. How we start a day is how we live a day.
We need to start our day in a loving, supportive way – especially when we are going through challenging times like a breakup.

I use a variation of the following morning ritual every day and it makes me feel empowered, supported and loved. I created this morning ritual when I went through my breakup in 2016 and I felt the need for some structure that made me feel in control of my life.

Here is how I begin a day:

  1. When I wake up, before I even set a foot on the floor I do some loving mindset work to set the tone and intentions for the day. This is especially important because while waking up our brain waves go from delta (deep sleep) to theta (twilight state) where the veil between the subconscious and conscious mind is very thin and we are more programmable. Since we operate 95% of the time from our subconscious mind, I believe this is what we need to work on if we really want to change our life for the better.
    So, I put my hand on my heart and say a love mantra like “I am love and I am loved” and repeat it until I can really feel the positive resonance in my body. If you need some inspiration for a love mantra or positive affirmation, head over to my #foryoulibrary.
    Then I check in with myself and my higher guidance asking a question like: “What do I need today in order to feel good about myself and where I am in my life right now?” Or “What do I need to do today in order to feel excited about my life?” I wait for the answer and promise myself to act upon it.
  2. I brush my teeth. I know it is so basic but it´s essential to brush the teeth before consuming anything because after a night´s sleep the mouth is actually full of bacteria.
  3. I drink a glass of warm water to wake up the stomach, followed by a glass of warm lemon water with some red Himalaya salt. The lemons stimulate the digestive system and help get the toxins out. The Himalaya salt is rich in minerals and I like the taste of it.
  4. I have a shower and listen to something inspirational and uplifting while doing my morning beauty routine.
  5. I honour my body by doing a gentle yoga sequence and some chanting or meditation.
  6. I have a gluten-free, high-protein breakfast. 

    Now I´m ready to conquer the day!