The art of extreme self-care during busy times

Time is one of our most precious goods – along with health & energy, love, friendships and money.  The busier our lives get, the less time we generally dedicate to self-care – while the opposite should be the case.

I bet you continuously recharge your mobile phone and you refuel your car – but what about you? Do you recharge continuously – emotionally, physically, mentally, even when you are crazy busy? If not, it may be time to start – and you can start small.

Energy is our most important currency. The amount of energy we have available determines the quality of our life. We need to manage our energy well, monitor it and keep filling up our energy tank daily. Many women tend to think that they need to have a lot of time (and money) available to take care of themselves, but I´ve found that it´s often the small things we continuously do that have the biggest impact.

22 gentle ways to take care of yourself and fill up your energy tank when you have little time
  1. Start the day by grounding yourself. Here´s an example: Put your feet on the ground and take some long, deep breaths (e.g. inhale and exhale on 5). Feel your body between heaven and earth. Check in with yourself and take care of your needs. Do NOT turn to your phone, social media, texts, emails in the first 30 – 45 minutes after waking up.
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast even if it means you have to get up 10 minutes early – or prepare as much as you can the night before.
  3. Say NO to anything that is not important to you and doesn´t require your immediate attention. Make a brief top priorities list for every day and only focus on the 3 – 5 most important things of the day.
  4. Take a 3 – 5 minutes power pause every hour where take some long, deep breaths, change your physical posture, roll your shoulders, stretch a bit, yawn, look outside the window (or even better: go outside), drink a glass of water or tea.
  5. As much as you can walk everywhere and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Try to get as much fresh air as you can.
  6. Keep your workspace as clear, tidy and organised as possible. Cluttered space = cluttered mind. Clear space = clear mind.
  7. Avoid external stressors as much as you can. External stressors may be chronically negative people, the news or crowded places like shopping malls. Leave any kind of toxic situation as soon as you can.
  8. Ask for help. Very self-sufficient people run on empty and burn out the easiest. We need to learn to ask for help. What are things your partner, friends or family can help you with?
  9. Do one thing at a time and do it as good as you can. Don´t try to multi-task. Have only a few tabs open on your computer and concentrate on one task at a time.
  10. Stand on the grass (in your garden or the nearest park) for a couple of minutes, release stress, anger, frustration or fear through your feet into mother earth and breathe her power in through your feet.
  11. Lean your back onto the trunk of a tree (preferably an old one) and breathe in its strength through your back.
  12. Laugh! Laughter is the best medicine. If you have a friend who´s particularly funny, spend some time with them on a regular basis. Watch something funny on youtube every day. Ask a colleague to tell you their favourite joke. Whatever. Include laughter into your daily life.
  13. Schedule time for yourself and put it in your calendar. At least every other day should include some time you spend exclusively with yourself.
  14. Keep a worry-list to get those thoughts out of your head and onto paper. T’hen dedicate some time to work through your worries and find solutions – in peace and quiet.
  15. Support yourself with loving, empowering thoughts. Some thoughts I use regularly are: I will figure this out. I am enough. I am worthy of great care, love and happiness. I am the authority in my life. I am able to co-create everything I need.
  16. Make time for what warms and touches your heart and soul. Maybe it´s listening to the birds, watching kids, dogs or cats play, looking at a piece of art, listening to music. Keep a list of things you can do when you have as little as 5 minutes or 30 minutes or an hour and do them with the intention of nurturing your heart and soul.
  17. Have regular, healthy meals. Don´t eat in front of your computer. Let it be a real break from work.
  18. Practice the art of receiving. Most women I work with have a hard time receiving. Start small. Let someone open the door for you. Go first when they invite you. Accept compliments and really soak them in. Accept a coffee/lunch/dinner invitation. Look for opportunities to receive.
  19. Look for beauty around you and let that be your focus.
  20. Retain. Check your energy level daily and don´t give all your energy to the outside. Keep some for yourself.
  21. Get off your computer, mobile phone or television one hour before going to bed. Don´t work in bed. Make your bedroom a technology-free area.
  22. Get rid of other people´s energy before going to bed e.g. by taking a quick shower or shaking your body while imagining that you are releasing their energy.


I truly hope that these tips are helpful to you. Keep track of what works for you and what doesn´t.

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