The Power of Choice

We ALWAYS have a choice and this where our power lies. So let´s always use it wisely.

The power of choice

I choose a higher path because I believe I am worth it.

I choose my vision over my excuses.

The future over the past.

Action over procrastination.

Goals over dreams.

Slow & sustainable over fast & exhausted.

My inner rhythm over outside expectations.

Self-love over self-doubt.

Simplicity over complication.

The whispers of nature over the shouts of the city.

My heart over my head.

A whole-body yes over an obligation.

Real connection over small talk.

Love over fear.

Courage over playing small.

Being fuelled from within over being cheered on from outside.

Thoughts that strengthen me over those that weaken me.

I choose people whose actions speak louder than their words.

I choose myself before I choose anybody else.


And so can you lovely. We are always only one decision away from a different life.

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