The Powerful Energy of The Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse January 2018

On January 31st, 2018 we have an exceptionally powerful Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse in the sign of Leo which is extremely rare and has not occurred in a long time.

Whenever we have an exceptional cosmic event like this, we feel the energy intensely and it has the potential to cause huge waves in our lives. I´ve been feeling it deeply since the weekend and it has brought to the surface some unresolved issues I wasn´t aware of with my Chilean ex (who happened to be a Leo). So these days and nights I´m totally surrendering to forgiveness and healing old wounds on a cellular level.

Lunar Eclipses can be turning points in our lives.

They have a way of putting a spotlight on unresolved issues giving us a chance to heal and release them. Our sensitivity may be heightened and our sense of security and comfort can be shaken in some way. It´s an opportunity to look within and befriend our fears, hopes, dreams and also our deepest truth.

Eclipses come in cycles, and this Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse is linked to the Eclipses back in February and August of 2017. This means that the themes and lessons brewing for you around that time may now be coming to an end, and you might be able to bring closure and resolution to those energies. So think back: what was unfolding on a physical, spiritual and emotional level back then? Did your breakup happen last February or August?

Trust in the intelligence of life

If people, things or circumstances start slipping away from your life, or if something is abruptly ending around this Eclipse time trust that it is in your highest good. Don´t cling to it. Surrender and allow things to take their natural course. Have faith in the intelligence and process of life.

This Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse is also going to open up a new energy for us and as it falls in the fire sign of Leo, it is going to be guiding us to take responsibility for our lives and to step fully into our power. But we will need to clear things from within first. We need to have the courage to let everything rise to the surface before we know what the next best action for us is. Can you be unconditionally there for yourself?

Be gentle with yourself and observe with an open mind and heart any themes and issues that are coming up these days and weeks.

Create a safe space within yourself

When we feel safe within ourselves we have the confidence to be who we really are, express our truth and go after those long held dreams. If you open to it, the energy of this Eclipse can help you find your way through this process and reconnect with your inner strength & wisdom and your eternal light which knows the right way forward.