From heartbreak to heartbliss.

I am a life and break-up recovery coach with a background in bodywork and emotional release work. I am on a heart-driven mission to support sensitive, big-hearted women heal from heartbreak and let go of their ex while creating a new and blissful chapter in their life.


Through my 3 months 1:1 from heartbreak to heartbliss coaching programme, I will be with you, supporting, guiding, empowering and cheering you on every step of the way from heartbreak to heartbliss. Through my one-off Empowerment session I will help you reconnect to your personal power and get your self-esteem on track. One session - a lot of impact.


Read new articles every month that help you, inspire you and uplift you on your journey of healing from heartbreak while creating a life where you are happy and flourishing.

For You

Your library of free resources, inspiration, guidance and tips from my heart to yours.

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